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Wednesday, September 09, 2009
Takapuna and Devonport - 12/07/2009

Is a Sunday, the second Sunday of my day in NZ. I always wanted to experience how a Saturday or Sunday market like in NZ. Today, I managed to experience it in Auckland, a place call Takapuna. Lean drove us (Chia Yeen, Amy and me) to the market. Is quite a distance by car. We passed by the Auckland Bridge, Canon building and turn right at a slope after the building and drive straight. The market is also known as farmer’s market.

- on the way to Takapuna

Upon arrival, I got ready my … market bag? Sandals in case is wet??? Haha… of course not. I prepared my camera ready for action. The market is more like a morning market (pasar pagi) at our end. The difference is you have ample space to walk, variety and type of things sold, clean and tidy if is not raining, not as big as in Malaysia and guai lou and chinaman store keeper.

 There are vegetables, clothing, toys from China and abit old fashion kind, flowers, fruits, paints, and for foods we have cakes, homemade bread, fresh pasta (not cook), coffee and etc.

- NZD0.99 for a packet of apples. And a lot of them in a bag,

- finish shopping. Next station - Takapuna

After the marketing, Lean drop us at Takapuna Beach. Is kind of nice to have a beach in the mid of town. The waves are very choppy and windy as well.

- Rangitoto Island

- Let's have a walk, pal

There is a nearby site for campervans.  In the middle of the sea, lays the Rangitoto Mountain. Frankly, I don’t remember what it means de, only familiar things to me is Toto…  hehe… very ‘sporty’ one. :P The house was once very good in prices but the government once announced it as tsunami hazardous area because is near the sea. Well, we can’t avoid natural disaster that strikes.

- Campervans site

Next destination is the Devonport, also one of the places in my list. We walked around the port area and the Ferry terminal which operates from Devonport to Auckland City. Is very very windy and first time experiencing such a wind in NZ, not to mention the Macau one. I managed to buy ‘Into Thin Air’ from a second hand book, thou, it still cost NZD 14.00. If you want to take photo of Auckland City skyline, then this is the place, Devonport.

- the ferry from Auckland City Harbour

- Mt Victoria at the back

We drove back after the visit and wanted to drop by Mt. Victoria however the pathway is closed for vehicle and we are not interested to walk up so it goes. We stopped for a while watching the sailing yatch while enjoying some chips bought in a fish and chip shops. Is big, hot and heaty.

Those chips and potato chips here once you take a few pieces, you will feel heaty and throat slightly dried. Don’t eat too much ya thou is tasty and irresistible for some people.

- this is the Auckland Bridge where the Bridge Climb takes place

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Interview and Shout - 10/07/2009

Is a nice day today. Sunny. There is an interview appointment at JJ’s Café at Rialto in Newmarket. We have a good walk there. Met up with the café owner. While we were chatting she is indicating that she is looking for someone long term. As I informed her that I will be available for the coming 2 months. Sometimes is not necessary to be too honest especially when you plan to work for a short term. Haha... obviously I didn't get the job.

Then me and Chia Yeen tried the Rialto Cinema and asked whether they need any usherer. Wow... they indeed need a few, so we fill in the application form and waited for sometime and we don't have call, meaning not successful. Tongue

We walked back to Lean's house and help her out for the Builder Shout. Is a custom where by the house owner will give a treat to the builder something like giving them an appreciatiation for their hard work. This is sometimes held in between the renovation or at the end of it. We have Fish n Chips for the Shout. My first Fish n Chips in NZ. Thanks to Lean and family.

Posted at 3:01 pm by richielee

Saturday, September 05, 2009
Photo of De Day

Story of Sweetness
Date : 09th July 2009
Location : Mt. Eden, Auckland

Posted at 4:15 pm by richielee

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Leaving Rotorua

I know it has been a long long time not posting any information of my trip and how am i doing here. I am ok and has been around in Rotorua for 1 month and 7 days and finally is time for me to make a move. Really is not easy as the place here is interesting especially the place I am doing the job exchange is really nice and cosy. Not to mention the people around Akira (in charge of the lodge), Leigh (lodge staff), Amanda (staying the same lodge), Peter (western chef from HK), Hong (helper from HK) and Vicky (helper from Taiwan). Also those backpackers from all over the world and bringing us interesting story and things. Will update it in detail. Really really 'mm seh tak' to move on...

Tonight I will be travelling to Wellington for 2 days and Picton straight to Christchurch on Saturday for the next job exchange while waiting my Sinny and Yin to come over. The days here passes very fast. Everyone here feels that too. Ok for now. Shall be pack for the journey. Take care everyone especially my loved one.

New scarve and cap. Like a snowman haha...

Posted at 5:19 pm by richielee

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Photo of De Day

Date : 08th July 2009
Location : Walkway, Epsom

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